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Too Often Craving Miracles

When we're already surrounded by perfect living machines..

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Name:Elenore Evans

What would you do if you got your first patent at 12 and graduated college by 16? If you're Elenore, the answer is not a damn thing, much to the frustration of her parent. It isn't because she's lazy, really. With her free time she 'tinkers' on projects like her bio-computer Seymore. Mostly little things that add to her worth minimally at first but more over time. You see, Elenore grew up in a world where supergeniuses were expected to become superheroes or villains in some accident with their experiments. And she's not having any of that. No weird fusing with technology or becoming part plant or animal for this girl. She's going to stay like she is, a smart ass who tends to sabotage her own need for people.

You know, until one of the things she's tinkering with explodes on her.

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Both mun and muse are over 18. Gif from needyhood.
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